• Updating your Partnership and Data Protection Addendum: Send Community Partnerships appropriate exhibits for new staff serving DPS students and accessing data.
  • Updating your Community Partnership System (CPS) profile: Make sure all your staff contact information is correct. Please add any new sites for Fall 2019. This will allow school leaders and families to know what programs you are offering and where.

Community Partnerships

We work with partners who are committed to providing programs and services to serve the diverse needs of our students. There are currently over 475 community partners who serve DPS students through programs during and outside of school.

Community Partner Organizations ARE:

  • Those that provide programs/services to DPS students/families/staff
  • Organizations (nonprofit, government, faith, etc.)
  • Ongoing in one school
  • In multiple schools (ongoing or one-time)
  • Providing services DPS arguably could, but does not

Community Partner Organizations are NOT:

  • DPS employees
  • Individual volunteers*
  • Individual contracts
  • One time in one school
  • Donors (without self-operated program/services)
  • Researchers (without program/services)

*If you are an individual volunteer please visit the website for Office of Volunteer Services or contact  to begin the Volunteer Onboarding Process.

Partner onboarding is managed by the Community Partner Manager, Eric Golden, who facilitates the process with all DPS partners. The partnership process includes clear and concise agreements between the community partner and Denver Public Schools, packaged together to complete the DPS Partnership Agreement and Data Protection Addendum. The DPS Partnership Agreement and Data Protection addendum includes: district and partner responsibilities, confidentiality agreements, background check requirements, site/location schedule, and data sharing.

Register for a New Partner Onboarding Session here.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Community Partnership System (CPS). CPS is a comprehensive inventory of community partner organizations serving our schools and is currently serving as a reporting platform to help providers determine their impact on student outcomes. CPS is also provides tremendous free visibility for partners and their work in the district. Currently, over 485 partners who serve DPS have joined CPS.

We encourage all new and existing community partner organizations to visit the Community Partnership System to learn more about creating a profile in CPS.

Quality after-school and summer programs help kids stay active, engaged and safe when they are not in school. The Denver Afterschool Program Locator provides information on programs offered to youth after-school and in the summer in the city and county of Denver.